Patented One-of-a-kind shock absorbent container with sealing lid for a Complete Clean (Previously Known as Emerald City Eyeworks)

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2020 Euro Lens Bath -Unique Eyeglass Cleaner- Washer Container - Patented One-of-a-kinda Shock-absorbent Container with Sealing Lid for a Complete Clean (Previously Known as Emerald City Eyeworks)

Product Features

  • Unique patented shock-absorbing washing container
  • Permanent baffle to reduce friction hold glasses stable and allow agitation of the solution around the frame, prevents any damage to frame or lenses
  • O-ring lid designed to prevent leakage and create an airtight seal
  • Will not cause any damage to the frame, frame color, lenses or lens coatings
  • Washer should maintain integrity for years to come, simply needing more solution for a lifetime of eyeglass cleaning, with proper care Simply rinse out with warm water several times before making a new batch of solution, and always store in a cool dry place

Important Information
Safety Information
Do not induce vomiting in case of ingestion In case of eye contact, rinse with clean water

Directions are on the bottle as follows

  1. Remove cap on measuring chamber
  2. Squeeze until cleaner fills to second line.
  3. Pour into washer and fill to dotted line with purified or distilled water.
  4. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Remove and wipe dry with microfiber cloth.

Product Description
2020 EURO LENS BATH has a patented shock-absorbing airtight container that allows for the solution to clean the entire pair of glasses, frame included not simply the lenses like other sprays. It will not damage coatings or frames as other cleaning systems and ultrasonic cleaners may. The permanent baffle allows you to shake and create a similar yet gentler agitation of a dishwasher/washing machine, while holding the frame gently in place, and O-ring sealed lid that keeps it airtight without any leakage. When using this 2020 EURO LENS BATH Washer with the Solution as instructed you get an completely clean pair of glasses with out causing any damage and will preserve there integrity to last you well into your future.

Product Details

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  • ASIN: B004VASFH0